A Brighter Future.

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It's time for free thinkers to come together. It's time to stand up and make a difference. It's time for action.

It's time for unity. Now - before it's too late.

Let's reignite lost communities, relearn forgotten skills, build connections, pool resources, take back our freedom and build a positive future.

ARE YOU READY? When you join The Community you become part of a national network of free thinkers who are all fighting for our freedom and autonomy. Discover events happening in your local area and support the cause using your current skills or by learning new ones.

Vision for The Community

A national, independent community, free from governance and tyranny, focused on freedom, skill sharing, connection and sustainability.

Mission for The Community

To build a network of free thinkers around the country. This network will act as a support system and build independent, sustainable off grid communities that don’t rely on the wider “systems” and current infrastructure. Including but not limited to: education; healthcare; farming; energy & power; law; construction and more. This network of free thinking individuals will come together when and if the current system collapses or can no longer provide support and safety to the people of this country and pool resources to ensure that no one goes without and a brighter future is created.